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Jalaneti Pot Testimonial

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Jala Neti Pot Testimonials


" Hi.. I am very happy with my neti-pot especially since i have searched high and low for something for over 6 months and yours was the first i found. I combed the health food and yoga shops in miami (south beach) and paris (Bio coop, Naturalia etc)and Puerto Rico and couldn't even
find a plastic one.
I am so happy i splurged on the stainless steel model.. it cools quickly (I place it in cool water) and from the very first day I have been doing stage 1 cleansing and now i have graduated to stage 2. Believe it or not the salt and the little booklet came in very handy.. although the
booklet is a little redundant.. it had good technical information on the use of the pot. "

J. B, Miami, FL

" Thank you! My father sent me the link to your website in hopes that it would help with my sinusitis. I received the Neti Pot within a week of ordering it and I have never felt better! I've suffered from severe allergies and perpetual sinus infections since I was a small child.
Being 28, I want to have freedom from my health problems to enjoy life. This product brings new meaning to the words "breath of life". Life is changed by the air you breathe, and being able to breathe makes all the difference. Thank you so much! "

A.W, New Braunfels, TX

" The Neti Pot is an excellent product that my son and I are using. It has been a life-saver for keeping my sinuses open and assisting with his asthma and sinus allergies. The directions and precautions were greatly appreciated as I did not know the proper procedures to follow or the
things to avoid. According to your directions, it is very important to do the final step of drying the nose out. I had used a bulb syringe previously for nasal rinsing. I was unaware of the drying out process and I also had been rinsing out my nasal sinuses incorrectly using the bulb syringe. No physician had given me such explicit instructions or precautions. I can feel the benefits of this product using the proper procedures of the Neti Pot. The bulb syringe I had used never gave me the relief and safety that the Neti Pot provides. It has changed my life. "

M.D, Summerville, SC

" I have had sinsus problems for over 25 years. Last month I had a sinsus infection for a month. I had to be on 2 antibiotics before it went away. I use the nasal pots every night and morning. I am not congested anymore and have not taken any allgera in one month. Which for me is excellent. I feel so much better. I have told many of my friends about this. They were very unsure if it would work. After they tried it the first day they could not believe it worked so fast. I have to thank my husband as he bought it for me because he saw a miserable I was with the sinsus infection. I am so glad he did research on this. Thank you again  "

K. D, East Dubuque, IL

" I use the neti pot twice a day for my cronic sinus problems. I have found that I sleep better at night after using it. I also have noticed much improvement in the congestion in the daytime. I appreciate the booklet that comes with it and the information, especially about breathing through the nose. I have tried to concentrate on that. I am 63 years old and want to live drug free for the rest of my life! So am always looking for better ways to be healthy. Thank you. "

J. W, Satsuma, Alabama

" Hello, I received the item so fast I thought your distribution center was in my city! I have been using my NETI pot for close to a month now and am very satisfied with it. I even recommended it to a few people at the office. They are still not convinced about the technique but one thing for sure, when they decide to try it they'll go with a stainless steel model like mine. Thank you so much.."

M.F, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

" Your order arrived in perfect condition within 10 days. That's super service! Thank you all so much. My husband and I have been feeling much
much better after using the neti pots. We can finally breathe, and I have not had a sinus headache since I began using it on Feb 17th. Later it looks like I may be ordering more of the pots for all my grown-up kids later on. Thanks for the prompt service. Now we can really breathe! "

J.M.R, Fort Wayne, IN

" The Jala Neti pot is wonderful! It arrived quickly and the instructional DVD was invaluable. My sinuses haven't been this clear for years, and I even turned a coworker on to it, who ordered her own pot and uses it daily, as I do. It's hard to believe that such a simple procedure could provide such huge health benefits. Also, your regular communications to ensure my satisfaction with your product was comforting. Nice to know you take a lot of pride in your customer really shows."

K.J.G, Columbia, SC

" I love this pot! I have had others before, but this is by far the best, the spout is unbelievable! Also, the salt is wonderful, and the instructions are easy to read and really make the entire process less intimidating. I have gotten so much more out of this pot and instructions etc. than any of the others I have tried, by far. Thank you so much!!!!! "

R.G, laurel, MD

" Got my neti in a timely fashion. While waiting (and since receiving) I have gotten regular emails from Health & Yoga which made me feel like I had made more than just a simple purchase of an item -- I have entered into access to support and resources as well. I have recommended Health & Yoga to everyone I have told about my new neti practice (admittedly, nasal irrigation doesn't come up in conversation too often)! "

A.Daunhauer, Brighton,  MA

" I love it. I just got a sinus infection and it is really working to clean out my sinuses. I have been very pleased with it. I have used the syringe in the past but I feel this works much better......especially, Stage 2. I will definitely recommend it to others. In fact, my grandson has allergies and asthma and I have already mentioned it to my daughter. Thank you for sending the product out so quickly. I received it 5-6 days after I ordered it.   "

B.Taucher, Houston, TX

" Unexpectedly fast shipping, it was very nice to receive my order so quickly. The neti pot itself is also very pleasant to use and gives a good impression. Everything you said about it on your website is true! All in all a very good experience."

C.K, Netherlands

" You're right. i love the size of the neti pot. it takes a bit of getting used to as i have small hands, but i feel that i am getting more from the experience than with the smaller pots i have had in the past. in addition, i like the way the metal releases the heat. i put in water too hot and soon it is just right. (temperature has been a problem with me)  "

V.D.H, Fayetteville, AR

" I am really impressed with the exceptionally good quality of the 2 neti pots I ordered. I also appreciate the quality of the packaging and the good instructions as well as the instruction video. They arrived in a very timely manner and the communications from the company were/are excellent. Blessings to You..."

D.C, Tulsa, OK

" WOW!!The two neti pots arrived in less than 2 weeks directly from India. I offered one to a friend with sever alergies and he--and his wife--were both immediate converts. I use mine faithfully every morning and also in evening if needed. I am off the meds and have much clearer sinuses now. Great item. Good instructions. Fabulous service. Thank you.  "

K.B, Ellensburg, WA

" This is my second one thus far. I passed my last one on to someone else.
I've also convinced four other people to buy after they used mine. I love it. I use almost daily before my yoga practice. What an amazing experience and feeling. Thanks!!!"

N.T, Venice, CA

" I feel the neti pot and salt is wonderful. I could not be happier. I try to use the neti pot twice a day and have great results with it. In the U.S. in my part of the country, this coming season is bad for allergies and they are better since using the neti pot. I also enjoyed the instruction cd. I am recommending to friends as well. "

S.S, Bedford, KY

" I received my two neti pots and instructional CD very quickly. Though my nose is a big challenge (severe allergies and a bad sinus infection), I feel like I am making progress, and I can't imagine a day without using my neti pot. I also love the large size and the fact that I don't have to refill it for each nostril. Plus the cone pits perfectly and produces no drips."

K.P.S, Westford, MA

" I am loving the neti pot and appreciate your excellent service. I wish more businesses had the attention to customeer service detail that you do. Thank you so for the excellent product. I hope to enjoy it for years to come. "

B.S, Pasadena, CA

" The product is absolutely awesome. I use it every evening and my breathing has never been clearer. I recommend this product to friends and family all the time. My uncle just recently purchased one and has been using it with great results as well. "

J.L, Philadelphia, PA

" I am so pleased with your products and service! I have bought Neti pots for my son and daughter, and they are both delighted with them.  "

C.D, Bartlesville, OK

" For those who know me, know that I have suffered shocking allergies, sinus, respiratory problems for as long as we can remember. All the other remedies have not seemed to work, however the Jala Neti-Pot seems to have given me a relief that I could not have imagined. There is still a way to go, but the smallest relief to me, is a huge step. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! "

" Got the Neti pot promptly. Great service. High quality workmanship. Very
satisfied. Thank you.  "

R.G, Lincolnton, GA

" I bought a neti pot last year, and I love it. It really helps with my headaches and chronic nasal congestion. I bought a second one as a gift for my brother, who suffers from the same problems. Great product! I use mine in the shower. "

E.B, Latham, NY

" Many thanks for such a quick response to my order, I recieved it muchearlier than expected. It arrived in perfect condition. I have been using the jala neti jug now for three weeks now and am having very positive results. No more sinus headaches or conjestion. Your product is very easy to use and the instructions were extremely clear and helpful. Thanks for intoducing me to this wonderful product. Kind regards.  "

M.C, Clonmel, CO

" I am more than happy with my purchase. This neti pot has helped me avoid the illnesses that my children have been catching at school! I am so glad that my yoga instructor referred me to your company! "

A.A, Garland, TX

" Yes, the neti pot was delivered on time and in good condition. I bought it as a gift for a friend who, although skeptical and a bit intimidated at first, is now enjoying it every day. I've been using one for years. Thank you for your attention. "

W.Y, Sylmar, CA

" The ample size of the neti pot help streamline the process, compared to a smaller one that I used before. The instruction booklet was thoroughly informative. "

M.P, Ann Arbor, MI

" Good clear instruction booklet, also lightweight design neti pot, overall a great product - many thanks. "

R.B, Chelmsford, U.K

" I absolutely love the neti pots. The instructions are very clear, too. I'm going to give one as a gift. Thanks for your prompt service. "

K.E.M, Lafayette, LA

" I actually bought it for my Mama. She likes it, and had been using it daily and hasn't had a headache since she started using it. i want to buy me one of my own! Thank you. "

T.M, Eastman, Georgia

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